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You take the lead as your team approaches a clean new area, free of color and chaos. With a smirk, you take it all in — you'll soon change that. Two teammates begin spraying down walls, floors, ceilings and every other imaginable surface with ink, claiming this territory as your own with a vivid wash of your colors. You and another fighter scan the area for enemies. The opposition never sees you as you sneak up and douse them in an ink bath they'll never forget. This turf is all yours — it's time to move on and paint the whole world in your team's colors. Get messy with Splatoon, a fun-filled third-person action shooter that challenges you to cover levels, and enemies, with a brilliant spray of colorful ink. Take on the role of an Inkling, a squid-like fighter ready to cover yourself and everything around you with your team's hues. Cover the terrain around you in ink to claim it, and spray walls to gain access to hard-to-reach areas. Earn high-powered super weapons by soaking your turf in ink, so you can cover your enemies in color or spray more territory. Put on your thinking cap to dream up devastating strategies, but don't forget to keep an eye on your turf — too much attention on the other team may lead to a redecoration of your own territory. Easily refill your tank or hide from enemies with just a touch of a button, or transform into a squid and dive into ink for a blazing-fast speed boost. Attack your own way with a multitude of control options thanks to the Wii U GamePad controller, including gyroscopic controls that let you look around, aim and more with precision. Band together with three friends and get online to take on other teams in four-on-four matches that will have you perched on the edge of your seat. A color-soaked battle awaits — are you ready to claim your turf?